Also know as: Sonja, Sonja Red, Veronika V., Sonia Carter, Natascha, Red Sonia, Sonia, Veronika Y, Sweda

Short biography: Sonia Red (born December 25, 1986) is a Czech pornographic actress. Sonia is a sexy, young and kinky teenager. She has such a great body with a delicious pussy and a handful of fresh tits. Sonia's first public appearance was as a dancer when the Kelly Family performed live in Prague, and somehow from there she got involved in the porn industry: “because of the money”. Her real hair color is blond, but she usually appears as a brunette or redhead in model shots and movies. She is studying Economics in Prague.

Nationality: Czech

Birthday: December 25

Languages spoken: Czech, English

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Piercing: Navel; nose

Tattoos: Pegasus right shoulder blade; oriental character lower back; above right ankle

Weight: 48 kg

Height: 162 cm


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